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Power Bet System

Dear fellow punter,
My name is Carl Porter and I owned a betting review site that you may have heard of,
"Best Betting Reviews"…
Basically here I reviewed various betting systems that are available via the internet and book shops.
I’ve been a betting reviewer for over 10 years and I have seen absolutely everything!
Over the years I have been shocked at some of the rubbish that lands on my desk and now I’ve seen enough.
I’ve now made the very hard decision to close the door on betting reviews and start my very own company offering my very own horse racing system.

Well, when I first started reviewing betting systems over 10 years ago, they were very unique and hard to come by, but now the internet is BIG business and every Tom, Dick and Harry are “making up” their own systems.
Now, I get inundated with system upon system and to be honest I just can’t keep up, so…
I have decided to close the door and now reveal my very own system that I have personally developed.

It has took years of hard work, money and dedication to review so many systems, something that you don’t need to do because I’ve done it all for you!

There are many key factors to take into account when creating a horse racing system.

Over the hundreds of systems I have tested only a handful really stood out from the others and after using them over and over again I recognised a pattern.
I could see that certain systems worked best for certain horses/jockeys.
I then used this knowledge and mixed and matched various variables from each system, trialling and testing hundreds of different combinations…then, on the 5th October 2012…

This research has taken me over 2 years and I now am proud to reveal my results.
Before I published the Power Bet System I contacted some dedicated followers to trial my product.

Also many systems out there require you to place bets one by one.
The Power Bet System allows you to make your selections in the morning then check out the results at the end of the day!

The Power Bet System is so accurate at picking winning horse’s you don’t need to pick a horse one by one and hope for a lucky win…

This seeks out the very best of the best and has a win rate of 7/10!

I get asked this question all of the time, the simple answer is the more you stake the more you make.

Over the years I have seen every product going, guaranteeing that you’ll make thousands in just days!

What I can tell you is The Power Bet System will take any spare cash you have and turn it in to a good profit.

This system has taken out all of the heavy leg work, quickly and easily revealing the horse and jockey that is best suited to the race that it is in.
It’s not going to make you thousands in just days but it will give you and unfair advantage and the upper hand over the bookies!

This Very system earns me a very respectable income, I’m not a millionaire or mix with the richest people in the world, but what I can do is do what I want when I want…within reason.

Q: What makes your system different to all the others?
A: Firstly IT WORKS!
Secondly, my system is so simple to follow a monkey could use it. There is no complicated mathematics involved and no complicated software to install. You will make money from day one and that is 99.9% guaranteed!
You do not need to place large stakes in order to make a huge profit and I am so confident in my product I will offer a life time money back guarantee.
Q: If your product is so amazing why aren’t you charging 100’s if not 1000’s of pounds?
A: Good question; I have reviewed countless amounts of so called winning betting systems and none have measured up to their claims, spending 1000’s in the process. By selling my product at such a low price allows the average person that’s down on their luck the opportunity to be able to afford it and make money, hopefully putting these scammers out of business because no one will ever need to buy their s**t again.
Also I make enough money from my system; the money from the sales is purely for the web designer of this page.
Q: Will I win 100% of the time?
A: No, it is unrealistic to expect to win 100% of the time. There is no such thing as a ‘dead cert’ even though the scammers will tell you different. Obviously you will win some and lose some but with my system it is the overall net profit that we are looking at and as long as you follow the system correctly I can guarantee you will make a good living.
Q: How Many selections will I have to make each day?
A: This is completely up to you.  On average I personally make 6 - 10 selections per day (this can vary)
Q: Can I only place bets in the bookmakers?
A: NO, this system is especially designed to be used at ANY bookmakers, ANY online bookmakers and from ANYWHERE in the world.
Why...well that is all made clear in the product
Q: Do you have a customer service?
A: Yes…one thing I learnt when buying other betting systems is that once they have your money they don’t want to know you, this was the most frustrating thing for me, I could never get an answer to any questions I had…that’s why i have created a fantastic customer service that are happy to answer any questions and provide any information.


Roulette Psychic Software

From the desk of Sylvia Gumpert

Dear Fellow Gambler

If like me, you want to be able to predict where the ball on a roulette wheel will land, then I have some very bad news for you. 

"Such software does not, will not and can not work" 

Whilst I am no expert when it comes to probability, I know quite a lot about playing online roulette and all will become clear if you choose to have Roulette Psychic keep an eye on everything for you.

You see a few years ago, the internet gave me some hope that I could win at roulette consistently using what’s known as Progressive Betting.  This is where you start off with a small amount like $1 and then you keep doubling your bets until you win.

The idea seemed great to me at the time, I was in my second year of University in Germany, and the prospect of winning at roulette (by using what seemed to be a flawless system) meant that I would be able to finish my studies without struggling for money every day.

However, my dreams were dashed when I lost every penny I invested on these systems at the online casinos.  In the end I put myself in debt, and I was forced to drop out of university. I had to find work as an office assistant in my home town of Frankfurt.

After 3 months of working in a job that I never wanted, it all got too much for me and I started to slip in to a pretty bad state of depression.  I felt trapped by my debts, and my dreams of having a career seemed like a lifetime away.

But then my life did a u-turn after my work announced that for our Christmas Party they we’re going to treat all the staff in my office to a night at a casino and we each had 200 chips to use on whatever we wanted. 

Whilst you may be reading this, and sensing some irony here, I was about to make a discovery that would totally change my life, and mould me into the person that I am today. 

When we arrived in the casino lobby, I went straight to the roulette table with two of my colleagues, and I simply watched them play for over an hour, spreading their bets around the roulette table. However I noticed that no one on the table was ever betting on the outside bets. 

(By outside bets, I mean high and low, odds and evens, red and black, column bets and row bets)

I decided to start counting how often each area would go for before it would come up, and the longest set of spins I saw come up in a row was 23 on column bets.  The second longest had been 22 spins on black.

I decided that I was going to risk 50 of my chips on the first column on the 24th spin and to my amazement it come up! Giving me 150 chips in return!! I couldn’t believe that I was up over 100 chips off one single bet.

Obviously there was an element of luck involved, but I believed that if I could do it once, I could do it again. 

I stayed at the table for nearly 2 hours just watching and the longest an area had gone was around 18 spins before it hit, but I knew that if I could get up to 22 or 23 again that I could win again.  

Then just when I was about to give up, a long run of 22 Reds came up so I put all of my 300 chips on Black.  Then much to my delight I won again, this time doubling my 300 chips now to 600.

As the croupier paid me my chips he said “The Lucky Lady does it again” which caught the attention of my colleagues and even complete strangers who were sat around the roulette table.

In fact, every time I placed a bet 3 or 4 people would also place the same bet.  They just kept coming in, and in that one night my eyes had been opened to something that I never thought was possible, and I’d even made enough money that night to pay off all of my credit card bills and debts. 
I knew that a certain amount of what I had done was down to luck, and I’m not going to lie to you it didn’t work every time.  But by managing my losses and following the trends of where the roulette ball landed, I was able to win back and win big.

After that night, I decided to revisit online roulette, and I started working on my own system.  But this time, I wasn’t going to let it beat me.  It took me months and months and I was finding that each casino was very different, which made me realise that a piece of software, no matter how “intelligent” was ever going to help me.

I’d sit there surrounded by millions of sticky notes all over my desk, each with a sequence of numbers corresponding to my outside bets, which is when my eureka moment struck! I thought to myself, if I’m ever going to get this to work, I need to be able to keep track of all 5 systems, and be able to set the maximum number of runs before an outside bet dropped in and then I’ll be able to work it out.
My brother, who is good with all things computer related, built me a rather basic but functional “Roulette Calculator” and this enabled me to speed up my roulette research.   I must have been using it for about a week when I realised that I had already created what I had been searching for.
You see, each casino uses different ways of generating random numbers, and I found out that all I ever needed to do was spin for an hour, calibrate my Roulette Calculator accordingly, and then I’d play for another hour making 3-4 big wins. 

Whilst you may be reading this, and finding all these numbers confusing, I want you to fully understand what my Roulette Psychic software actually does, and my reason for creating it.  You see, keeping track of the 5 main outside betting opportunities on a roulette table that I mentioned above, is almost impossible and it is very time consuming. 

The software that I have developed simply speeds up the process and keeps track for you.  That’s what this software is all about, without it you could go hours without placing an outside bet, and you might even miss out on a betting opportunity.

So now you know what my Roulette Psychic is, let me just be clear as to what it isn’t
I never intended to sell my Roulette Psychic, it was just for me.  But after a while, people kept asking if I could email them a copy.  Below are some of the emails that people sent back to me.

So you’ve heard my story, and by now you should understand that the beauty of this software is that it is simple to use, and fully customizable for use in any casino that you want. 
But the best part is still to come.  I’ve done my fair share of internet research and found ineffective over priced so called “Winning Roulette” products ranging from $40 up to $297.
I’m offering mine for just $37 and I have every confidence in my Roulette Psychic that I offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.  
Software Package Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7
You can buy this product at any time of the day or night and it will be sent you immediately after payment.

Automated Wins

This Barely Legal "Trick" Delivers 94% Winning Bets...
For ANYONE (no experience necessary)
Latest Update:
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"Automated Wins Delivers Consistent Winning Bets

It Works For Any Style Of Betting... Even if Your 100% New"

Live From The Desk Of: Karl Walker & C.K. "The Kid Hacker"
Location: Secret Hideout, Newmarket, United Kingdom
Date: Sunday 12 June 2011

Let’s cut the bullshit.
You’re here because you’re sick…
You’re sick and tired of not generating the kind of winning runs you wish you were.
On top of that you’re also sick of all the so called "betting systems"...
That proved to be nothing short of a pile of crap...
The internet is littered with them.

I have no idea how you ended up on this secret access page...

I guess you're one of the lucky few who have been granted special access...

One of the minority allowed to even know this even EXISTS...

Because you’ve just stumbled onto a goldmine beyond your wildest dreams...


Because I’m about to reveal to you...
How to turn £5 into £75.22, £215.37 and even £975.47 EVERY single day...
By doing nothing more that placing bets guaranteed to deliver “automated wins”.
I’m talking about a method so simple and yet so powerful you can kick your boss’s ass tomorrow morning.
In fact right this very minute you could have already been up by £575 today...
Just by using my automated betting selection service...
Imagine going to bed tonight knowing that tomorrow was your last day at work.
And that tomorrow is guaranteed to be your first day of successful wins…
All because of a strange computer program that doesn't even know how to lose...
In fact if you move fast we could even be talking wins just minutes from now.
And I’m talking BIG wins like £5 into £75.22, £215.37 and even £975.47 all from small zero risk stakes…
Just imagine waking up everyday to receive an email of winning tips – all predicted by a secret selection computer that legally hacks the betting system… 
The list goes on...
Well, today all that pain is about to change because…
Over the last 7 months I've been testing a brand new underground betting method with my freaky programmer friend and we legally hacked “the system” to deliver win-after-win-after-win.
Even if you are 100% new to betting or never even had ONE win before today all that’s about to change with my automated selection service...
This is so easy…
You’ll receive a CLASSIFIED top secret report explaining how “Automated Wins” works and the great bit is you don’t even need to understand “how it works” because…
Our system automatically emails you and tells you exactly what to bet on and when.
Our super computer crunches all the data revealing exactly when, where and how much to place a guaranteed winning bet...
It then automatically updates you the selections in very good time.
Now I'll warn you...
It's what might be known as LEGALLY “hacking the system” as it involves exploiting a loophole which gives you much more than an unfair advantage.
You don’t even need to know how my secret computer selections work...
All you need to know is that the selections it sends you via email will win!
It's possible for anyone to follow and make money in a matter of a few hours...
If you're really lazy like us, within 24 to 48 hours.
So what is it?
It involves betting but it's not your usual betting system at all...
It doesn't involve 95% of normal betting techniques...
Really the only similarity is that it involves placing bets...
And like I said before the only thing you have to think about is placing your bets in time.
We will email you when and where to bet!
The great news is you don't have to worry about any of the following...
You can start from total scratch today not knowing a single thing about betting online and be making more money than your day job all within 48 hours...
Even if you are a full-time pro this Automated Wins selection service will rocket you to a whole new level...
Where your “daily routine” becomes obsolete...
Replaced by the simple task of just placing your bets where the selection service tells you!
If your 100% new; by this time next week you'll be quitting your day job for good after seeing this powerful system for even just a single week.
If you want to start in the next 5 minutes and be making profit by the end of the day then just click below:
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Now, let me ask you a direct question...
Does any of this sound familiar?
In the past you've come across some "incredible betting system" that promises the earth, big profits, no effort etc...
You spend your hard earned cash and get your copy...
It turns out it's just a tired rehash of information that has been circulating for years....
You spend money on it and find that not only does it not work that well, but it doesn't even make sense.
Just losers and a whole lot more frustration.
It ends right now...
With Automated Wins you just get given nailed on winners.
Simple as that.

"Automated Wins Delivers Consistent Winning Bets

It Works For Any Style Of Betting... Even if Your 100% New"

I have always been of the opinion that if you try, you will succeed, simple as that.
And the Automated Wins Selection service gives you a step-by-step betting success formula on a plate.
With that in mind this course is “worth” as much as £23,719.29! That’s exactly what I made with it last month.
I have been toying with the price issue.
I looked at what you guys are prepared to pay for “so called” crappy “betting systems”.
Piles of crap systems showing you fake Betfair accounts and commissions that were clearly created with image-trickery.
However, Automated Wins is offering you one chance to get on the inside of Betting Superstardom with a system that is quick to set up with absolutely no previous experience.
So what is this top secret system worth to you?
To gain instant access to this exclusive Automated Wins selection service that is capable of solving your online income problem.
With this system you can very quickly earn a lot of money.
It is going to reveal to you startling methods that can automatically bring in as much as $975.47 profit in a single day.
I’m going to limit the number of new members to the Automated Wins inner circle.
This is so I can ensure that we don’t start to affect the daily racing odds and so we are offering the best levels of support to all my valued customers…
I decided it cannot go for less than £149.99 or the extremely limited offer at £79.99. Except…
In view of the urgency of me switching my focus to existing members and quality support I want to fill the places quickly.
Ask yourself this: What's it worth to have a better life?
For a very limited period you can take advantage of this special offer price…
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That’s exactly the same system that has sold out at in January 2011 for £149.99 in just 52 minutes!
Don't worry it's not a miss print… It's going to cost just one payment of £29… That's it!
I already make more money than I could ever dream of spending.
Ask any of my current students and they will all tell you how dedicated I am to helping the "small guy" make it online…
It is my passion, but you too need to show me you are serious about this.
I came to realize that something was missing in my life – "fulfilment".
Helping you succeed is the most rewarding and fulfilling act I can think of…
Most people would charge you hundreds or even thousands of GB Pounds for this system but think about it…
Would that really help out someone who has wasted thousands in the past and is already in debt?
No it wouldn't…
I understand how hard it is to find that break and finally start making real money with repeated wins.
I want to help you achieve your dreams.
"Automated Wins" does what it says on the box; it kills the notion that you can “get rich quick" with overnight millions!
Automated Wins is not to be confused with all those get-rich-quick pile-of-crap betting systems that plain don't work…
Instead, Automated Wins introduces you to an automated system for exploding an ongoing run of profitable betting wins that is unlike anything you have ever seen before.
While 99% of people have been flushing betting stakes down the lavatory; a very small percentage have been making a kings ransom from these very automated wins selections.
It gets better, with this system you will start to see winning runs very quickly, far faster than anything you have ever seen before. BUT don’t expect this system to start materializing million dollar pay checks.
Unlike 95% of so called “betting systems” Automated Wins is not some get rich quick scheme.
If you follow the selections every day you can expect to make tens of thousands (not millions) in a very short space of time.
I appreciate time is of the essence and you only have this one opportunity to get your hands on this awesome Automated Wins service. Places WILL be filled very quickly.  
In view of that I’m willing to take all the risk on your behalf!

Download Automated Wins access today and you will be covered by a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

On top of that your guarantee will apply for up to 60 days. In other words you have 60 days to start the ball rolling with this Automated Wins service. 60 Days to test-drive these simple and radical win-pumping profit spewing methods.
Places are limited and the choice is yours but do consider this right now: you have nothing to lose by getting immediate access to the Automated Wins service.

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Once you have access to the Automated Wins and the selections, nothing is going to keep you from the rewards you deserve.

In fairness not everyone is cut out to deal with the explosive results Automated Wins delivers. This service has been made available for a limited time to only those truly seeking a solid foundation in the world of fast betting profits. Those who are truly prepared to reap the rewards of the impending Automated Wins phenomenon.

The fastest guns get it at today’s special offer price.

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Don’t delay your true Betting potential any further…
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PS. Be sure to get instant access to Automated Wins at the discounted £29 price today. If you don’t act right now you could wind up paying the full £149.99 investment.

PPS. Remember Automated Wins will close at any moment… and you have a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
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